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Manage Your Amazon Business: Take CONTROL

Top Notch Technology

Watch your sales stats, ranking, and profit LIVE. HelloProfit delivers the perfect toolset to keep you on top of your Amazon Business.


One Platform, One Tool – Attend to ALL of your needs as a seller in one place. No more need for 5, 10, 20 different tools!

Visualized Data

Complicated Excel Sheets? Need a PhD in Math or Data Analysis? No More! Simple graphical view allows you to UNDERSTAND your data: easy & fast!

Here's What HelloProfit Users Say:

It Saved me A LOT of Time, Money AND Effort as it congregates a lot of tools into ONE and gives you way more information than any other tool. 


Like any Amazon seller, I once ran out of stock, losing a lot of money, because the coupon code was spread out… HP is the FIRST TOOL I know that could have saved me from this – it shows you exactly which sales are organic and which are promo! It’s GREAT!


I can finally see the PROFIT of each variation in REAL time! Having multiple products HP is really powerful as it simplifies my accounting, and lets me see what’s PROFITABLE and what’s not (for ads and products). Great Job Guys!


Meet Your Profit with These Tools

All-In-One Overview Dashboard

Easily identify weak and strong points of your business – see your overall sales, promotions used, promotion & sales value, and growth....

Leverage 2+ Years of your Amazon sales data to compare & evaluate by custom date ranges, products, variations and For the First Time Ever – Reach SMART, FAST Decisions Based on calculated PROFIT and your true ROI!

No More Guesswork, No More Complicated Excel Sheets.

Updated With LIVE Data Every 10 Minutes!

What is your time worth to you?

Measure Individual Product Growth – Visually, Easily!

View –> Analyze –> Grow! HelloProfit Makes it That Easy!

  • Know Your NUMBERS – Your Gross Sales, Profit & ROI on every Product & Variation at a glance.
  • Keyword Ranking & Best Seller Ranking (BSR) – Per product, Per Variation – Track up to 30 Keywords per Variation!  Monitor BSR across different categories and sub categories (some you didn't even know you rank for).
  • Promotion Count – So you ran a promotion, right? How many were claimed TODAY? Yesterday? Learn what Variations were most popular! Get Near-Live Promo Updates to Safeguard Your Inventory!
  • Refund Tally – On Each Product...Finally 100% Transparency!
  • And So Much More...

Digestible Reports & Product Breakdown

Drill down into EACH PRODUCT & VARIATION to know exactly where every cent in your business goes. Enjoy full transparency in your accounting with the easy to read, drill-down reports that will reveal to you:

  • Gross Sales & Profit per product – including refund rates, refund costs, and more...
  • Promo Rebates – detailed redemption reporting & cost of your promos...
  • Fees – each and every one of the fees you're paying, now revealed here in detail...
  • ROI & Profit Margin per product and for your overall account...
  • Payout Detail...
  • Coming Soon:
  • Automatic Analysis of your Sponsored Ads Campaigns to optimize your ROI: Literally save Hundreds or even Thousands of dollars per month!

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

  • Leverage previous order information to grow your business FAST! Easily search orders by ANY query you can imagine – Find all users who used a certain promo, paid over a certain dollar amount, or ordered a certain product within any date range...
  • LEARN about customer purchasing habits NOW and build  create products and special offers based on your Customers, No Guessing!

What's Your Long-Term Customer Value?

HP has been totally a GAME CHANGER for me! Before that I was just glossing with the numbers and spending hours downloading reports and trying to understand them… now I can see that in a matter of seconds!


I love the fact everything is consolidated into one place so I can finally see how am I doing in REAL TIME! and the key is – It’s Graphical, Visible and Digestible! In Amazon I can only see stats backwards which is more often than not, not enough… HP shows it in REAL time! A MUST HAVE for growing Amazon entrepreneurs. 


Searching for New Golden Ideas? Find Treasures

Like a GENIE!

Product Genie Step #1:
Basic / Advanced Search

Search products simply based on keywords or any advanced search queries – Price Range, Avg. Rank, Avg. Reviews, Brand, and more... Save Favorite Searches for Future Reference & Tracking!

Product Genie Step #2:
Competitors & Niche Overview

Check Competitors' BSR, Category, Daily Sales, Daily Revenue, Rating, and more...

Product Genie Step #3:
NEW – Competition SPY TOOL

  • Net Profit – See Amazon Fees Based on Competitor's Offer.
  • BSR Ranking OVER TIME – A Product's BSR can be easily manipulated using promotions... Checking BSR OVER TIME is the only way to Really evaluate it!
  • Similar Products – See what similar products are selling to get even MORE ideas and compare!
  • Price Over Time
  • Number of Reviews Over Time
  • Daily & Monthly Estimated Sales Over Time
  • Source Right from HelloProfit – Quick links to all your favorites sourcing sites: Alibaba, Aliexpress, Walmart, eBay, etc...
  • Export Data

Coming Soon

  • Competitor STALKING – See what keywords & search terms your competitors rank for!


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All Future Upgrades Included (Sneak Peek)
  • Auto Email Tool
  • Supplier Shipment Tracking
  • Sales Velocity Alerts
  • Order Inventory Reminders
  • Hijacking Alerts
  • And So Much More...

Frequently Asked Questions

Just email us at help@helloprofit.com and one of our account representatives will assist you promptly.

HelloProfit is your ideal Amazon Selling Toolset whether new to selling on Amazon, or an experienced seller. If you’re new, HelloProfit’s Product Genie will help you find and weigh great product ideas fast, and accompany you throughout your product’s lifetime.

If you’re already an experienced seller, you know well the difficulties of product profitability and analysis on the Seller Central platform – especially if you have multiple Brands and/or Seller Central accounts. Help is here.

HelloProfit is equipped to handle any Amazon Seller’s needs, regardless of your experience, and will help you find and increase your profit like nothing else! Try HelloProfit Now: 21 Day FREE Trial!

HelloProfit is built for sellers and we realize that confidentiality is critical. We've built HelloProfit in an SSL secured environment: your data is SAFE. For complete security & privacy, even our support team requires your approval before logging in to assist you.  And yes, you can export & download all of your HelloProfit data.

Additional Seller Central accounts can easily be added to your HelloProfit account at $29 each. Your HelloProfit account will then be able to easily view all the data for all integrated accounts in your single HelloProfit Dashboard!

Contact Support to integrate multiple Seller Central Accounts here.

To enjoy the full power of HelloProfit, you’ll first set up each product in your HelloProfit account, following the simple tutorials provided. HelloProfit incorporates the information you provide, along with the information it automatically gathers for your account via Amazon’s own secure API.

The fantastic result is a clear yet detailed organization of facts and figures about each product, each ASIN, and your merchant account as a whole. While HelloProfit is best known for revealing your true Profits, you’ll also clearly see your ROI, profit margin, and a host of other business-critical metrics on both your product and account levels.

Don’t Wait! We’re sure you’re quite anxious to Meet Your Profit.

Yes: In 2 Stages:

1) Upon Trial Signup, HelloProfit initially pulls in your previous 3 months sales data along with all current and future sales. Those 3 months of historical sales data provide an introductory benchmark for you to compare your current and upcoming sales.

2) After your Trial period, you will be able to import ALL historical sales data as far back as January of 2014!  If you'd like access to all that data sooner, simply contact us requesting that your Trial be ended early in favor of accessing all historical sales data access right away. Go Meet Your Profit!

Data is pulled from Amazon & displayed to you just as soon as it becomes available.

Interestingly, Amazon Seller Central in most cases does NOT publish your data right away, which is another reason so many merchants love HelloProfit.

HelloProfit shows you all your data the first moment it’s available for retrieval. For example, HelloProfit can show you every promotion redeemed on your sales within MINUTES of each sale (as opposed to Seller Central’s 24 to 72+ hour delay in many cases).

Yes. If for any reason you decide HelloProfit is not for you, simply email us at: help@helloprofit.com and we'll immediately stop any future payments.